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If you’re dealing with a large amount of debt and struggling to pay it back, you may want to consider a debt relief service. These services can help you determine the best way to pay back what you owe, and they can often cut down on the time it takes for you to get out of debt. The may also be able to reduce what you owe by making arrangements with your creditors.

One popular option is National Debt Relief, and below is a review to help you decide if their services could help you.

National Debt Relief

Like many other similar services, National Debt Relief promises to help you eliminate your debt without having to file for bankruptcy. The two main methods they offer for helping you eliminate your debt are debt consolidation and debt negotiation.

With debt settlement, you agree to pay less than you owe, but you normally make the payment in one lump sum. For instance, you might owe $1,000, but a debt settlement would eliminate your debt for an immediate payment of $500. National Debt Relief also offers debt negotiation services, which can help reduce the amount you need to pay to become debt free.

Debt negotiation services involve working with creditors to do things like lower your interest rate, eliminate late or overage fees and reduce the total amount of money you owe. If you are behind on payments and have been racking up late fees, debt negotiation can help you get back on track and result in a payment plan that you can afford.

National Debt Relief Review

– Pros

Although there are fees for using the services provided by National Debt Relief, they are not owed until a settlement with a creditor has been reached and you’ve approved of the plan. Therefore, you don’t have to worry that payments you believe are going to creditors are actually just going to a debt relief service, which is sometimes the case with less than honest services.

The overwhelming majority of customer reviews on both the New York Better Business Bureau website and the Consumer Affairs website are positive. People frequently praised the company for explaining the process clearly and helping them get out from under overwhelming amounts of credit card debt.

– Cons

National Debt Relief does not handle all secured debts, which includes home loans and car loans. Additionally, they may not help you manage student loan debts. Whether they can help you with these obligations is decided on a case by case basis, so they may not offer the help you need if you have certain types of debt.

The company, like most other credit relief services, is not able to provide much assistance if a creditor takes legal action against you. Once a creditor begins legal action, very little can be done to negotiate on your behalf even if you have begun paying the creditor off or making arrangements to do so.

– Overview

If you are looking to get rid of unsecured debt, National Debt Relief may be a good choice. They offer a few options for avoiding bankruptcy, and most people appear to have had a very good experience. However, before you start using their services, you should be clear about what they can and cannot do to help you. In some cases, it appears that service agents are not always completely clear about the limitations of the services they provide.